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Uganda Culinary Classes

If you are passionate about food, why not take a cooking lesson from a local Ugandan chef. Gain valuable knowledge of both traditional and modern cooking methods that exist in Uganda due to the strong Asian, Arab and English influences on cooking practices, dishes, and foods. Learn more about Ugandan cuisine and the ingredients, then you can start cooking authentic Ugandan meals at home. Enjoy in the welcoming, pleasant atmosphere and then feast on the genuine Ugandan meal that you cooked!

Ugandan cuisine is truly a blend of different cultures, that even the most traditional recipes have an added twist that will tickle your taste-buds.


10:00 am or 4:00 pm You will be picked by our friendly tour guide and driver.

Curlinary Classes 3 hour 

Learn how to cook authentic Ugandan food from a local Ugandan chef  with a small group, ensuring you get personal attention.

Using fish, beef, chicken, vegetables or local spices like Royco.

Lunch or Dinner   (1 Hour )

Enjoy your work of art for lunch or dinner, an authentic Ugandan meal  accompanied with freshly made juice from the abundant Uganda produce.


- Cooking a number of Uganda authentic dishes

-  Enjoying your dishes  

Tour Details 

- Local Ugandan chef

- All Transportation  

- Freshly made juice 

- 1 lunch or dinner , cooked by participants 


1. Vegetarian course is available 

2. The commencement times may be changed

3. If you wish to learn a particular dish or dishes, please select from Delicious Ugandan dishes 

Once you have had your fill. you will get to take away the food that you may not have finished, to have at a later time.

After the class you will be taken back to your accommodation.

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