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Discover Tanzania's Iconic Destinations 

At Aura Safaris Africa we truly believe that Tanzania is the land of never-ending plains, huge volcanic mountains, serene beaches, and the colossal amount of wild animals, Tanzania located in the eastern part of Africa is blessed with all the things a traveller can ask for in a holiday destination. And the Tanzania Destinations offer the real beauty and wildlife experience that one traveller never heard about before. This country has many marvelous tourist attractions which are scattered throughout the country and categorized under individual circuits, namely, Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western. In the northern circuit, there lies Serengeti National Park,Ngorongoro Conservation Area,Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park among other small national parks and protected areas which are deemed the best in the whole of eastern Africa. All of these parks are known for their humongous size and animal diversity. Serengeti especially leads the pack and houses probably the largest biodiversity in whole Africa. 

Selected Tanzania Safaris 

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