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Our Mission


At Aura Safaris and Mission Tours we believe in spreading love and compassion in the lives of the underprivileged.  By partnering with the Teresa Ministries, Aura Safaris strives to bring people from all over the world closer and join hands in the name of humanity. Teresa Ministries is dedicated towards providing a home for vulnerable babies from 0 to 3 years of age; looking after families that are poverty stricken and providing care for the elderly (Jaja’s). Our mission tour is a week-long, in which you would not only get to leave an impact in the lives of these babies and disadvantaged people of Uganda, but it will also give you an opportunity to experience the sights, sounds and the culture of Uganda. Be a part of a great cause, be the instrument of change and spread your beautiful Aura.

History about Theresa Ministry

Directed by Sr. Eva Nalubega, Teresa Ministries is home to a range of different groups, activities and classes. Teresa House headquarters are located at Najjanankumbi, Nayama Piida opposite Freedom City in Rubaga Division, Kampala District.

Under Teresa House, several activities thrive with in the same neighbourhood which include but not limited to Teresa Children and Teresa babies’ homes taking care of vulnerable and disadvantaged children from poor families in the community.

Teresa Child Care

We have identified children within the community from families that have been affected absolute poverty who have been enrolled in school to start having an education.

We have several schools that we partner with in the community where these children study. We have secured a house which is to house these children since many come from homes with no decent shelter, yet others are abandoned and have no homes.

With a license from the Ministry of Gender to operate a care home, Teresa Home and Teresa babies’ home are fully operational with all the facilities a child would need for a decent life and early childhood growth.

Teresa babies home has kids that are 0 - 3yrs who graduate to Teresa home at 4 yrs.

In the future we hope to provide free meals to children in the neighbourhood from families that can’t afford a decent meal. More than 30% of children live in absolute poverty and there are days when they do get a meal provided by the schools (if any) and School holidays are not just a break from the classroom, for many they are also a break from a meal.

Volunteers have played a very big role in organizational development. Over the past years, volunteers have had a big impact as far as resource sponsorship, mobilization, capacity building and publications of Theresa Ministry work.  Therese Ministry will host volunteers who will to learn and share their work relevant to improving the situation of vulnerable children.

We welcome groups, families and adults from all walks of life to join us in Uganda. You will inspire others and build lifelong relationships. Your impact in missions is a life changing experience for you and the children of Uganda.

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